Let me write today my post in English, because in that language is how I feel Morocco. And as a tribute to all my group of mates that lived the same adventure as me. First of all, let me apologize for my English, of course could be better, ah? You know Mr. Toronto, there’s “WIFI” here? Ah? (Just joking).

Morocco Running Challenge was not a travel, neither a tourist trip, no place to rest, even no place for running. Morocco Running Challenge is a feeling that begins on your skin to stay in your heart forever.

Let me show what Morocco is…

Morocco is his people, the Berber people, are (for me) the natural people from Morocco, they are the only people that respect the Earth, which lives in harmony with the nature, with God and themselves.

Morocco is a run the world adventure. You find it in every corner, in every mountain, every river… Morocco is FREEDOM everywhere!

Morocco are contrasts: landscapes, cities, villages, men, women… You could see white and a minute after black! That’s amazing how contradictory a country could be. Not only a country, even the people, the religion, the colours…

Morocco is Pablo, Abdou, Mohamed, Mustapha, Ali, Brahim, Jenny, Maeve, Claire, Adam, Dave, Rick, Martin, Mònica, Oriol, Lluis…

Morocco is a feeling, not a place, even not a country.

Morocco is naturalness, is freedom, is balance, is not fair but it works.

Morocco has shown us a lot: respect, responsibility, education, tradition, culture, sanity… A lot of things that we lose thousands of years ago. But the most appreciated thing is that Morocco is FREEDOM.

I couldn’t learn better this feeling. It couldn’t be a better place to learn about Freedom. Once you breathe it, you know that you never will feel as free as we felt there. Never ever, because this feelings your feel there is the result of people being themselves, living their own life. The Freedom we thought we have here in Europe, is not the real freedom they have there. I mean, it’s a kind of Freedom that born in your heart and stays forever there… Spending your days being just who you are. Nothing more and nothing less.

We have a lot to learn about it. We need more Freedom and less material things. Because these material things make us caught in the Matrix.



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